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As I finish up commissions from September, it's time to get spookie! 👻 🎃 🔮

Check out options here!

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If you draw art of real people in nsfw shit, especially if they're minors, I'm blocking and reporting you.

Shotas getting fucked silly until they can't breathe anymore >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>anything else

Shota rambling 

Earlier in life I never thought fingering was seggsy but now that I've read more fics with it (cough among other things cough) with fingering involved it's so.... :blobmelt:
Esp in onishota stuff, the man fingering the boy and playing with his prostate, and the boy is wriggling in pleasure wanting more but also wanting it to stop

Little does he know, the bigger surprise is only a few moments away

Anti bs 

Sorry, antis are too fun to make fun of. I despise them but it's so easy to poke their hypocrisy.

Also is anyone noticing that antis have "dni proshippers" before anything else? It's like they hate proshippers more than breathing pedophiles.

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Anti bs 

Antis: DNI Proshitters!! Check my Carrd for more DNI
Also antis: *Doesn't bother to check my dni and still retweets my sexy art*

Anti talk n vent 

I remember my bud got called out for drawing shota, and then when ppl found out he's gay and black, whooollleee bunch of f and n slurs being thrown at him. All in the name of those unfortunate and fictional kids, huh.

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Anti talk n vent 

Isn't it funny how antis are all anti-discrimination and anti-racism until they find out you're black/latino/asian and then all of a sudden they have every slur in the world memorized just for you?

*makes u look into my hypno watch* ooooOOOooohhHH you wanna draw LukaLoki and SashaRaz oOOOOHhhhHHH 🕒 🤪 you wanna draw it soooo baaaadddd

(joke post, clearly. unless..?)

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