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I won’t accept your following requests on twt if your account is private and barely has info in the bio XD , at least DM me saying u come from baraag lol

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I do art trades with mutuals if anyone is interested :catto_blush:

Special versions and PSD found here:

I’m doing sketches of 2 characters for only $10 , there are plenty of slots available, dm me on twitter @jiraiyaslapm or discord fercho◡̈#0004 if your are interested! Tysm :blobcatsurprised:

:over18: NSFW Naruto and Sarada back alley Fellatio sequence colored and separated out as individual images. They are drawn directly on the thumbnail page so the native resolution is very small, only about 1400 pixels in height. Its not really possible to go into finer details in such small resolutions unless you want to use fuzzy lines, but they give less control when you are coloring.

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:over18: NSFW Naruto and Sarada back alley fellatio image set. I've actually completed the set and it was uploaded to SadPanda.

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:over18: NSFW Naruto and Sarada
Final part of Back Alley fellatio image set. I haven't plan the follow up yet, but there has been some strong suggestions.

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:over18: NSFW Naruto Image set,
Part of expended set for NaruSara office image set, although these are a bit out of sequence, they are not entirely done. I included an index of images that shows which images were updated from this batch of uploads.

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:over18: NSFW Naruto Image
Part of an expended set for NaruSara's office set, the set itself wasn't finished but I uploaded part of it to SadPanda on Feburary 22nd.

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2021NOV07 Naruto and Sarada

in his home study.

work in progress.

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