So I've been playing Monster Hunter Stories 2 and having a blast! :) (Also one of the reasons I'm not drawing much lately.)

I customized the female protagonist and fell in love, and I'll probably make her an OC who will be in a pic soon™...

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Accumulation privilege 🌈 💨
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Just finished my newest story, after ages! My second Sleepless Domain fic, featuring Evil Tessa doing some rapes to Rue and Zoe. Check it out, even if you're not familiar with the fandom!

I wanted to do another SD Collage this midyear of 2021 so why not draw scenes from the fanfics I've read?

Shout-outs to my homies and their fanfics!
From top-left clockwise!

Zoe, starring in "Coming Up Roses"
Tessa, starring in "Tessa's Fall"
Kokoro, starring in "Eat Your Heart Out"


So now that the poll is done, I can talk about it!

Honestly, I was expecting the veteran suffering defeat to be the overall winner! (And the pacifist to be in last place.)

What's it about that rookie getting over their head though...
Sure, experience is the best teacher... yet there's some experiences a newbie cannot learn from because it's fatal, or it inflicts too much trauma... :)

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So the old 4-year ipad I got from my uncle that keeps breaking down, neither Apple nor some gray market repair crews could not make it work again. I did lose the base files of the recent things I've drawn (up to the Mowgli pic) but it's not a huge deal, fortunately..!

Remember me gushing about Lola Bunny that other week or so, I’m glad our local McDonalds released Space Jam “2” happy meals that just hit the spot!

Just happened that the Bugs Bunny toy was out of stock, I’m just glad he was there to bait everyone..!

Lola ain’t sexy anymore but still very attractive!

Another doodle/WIP! I haven’t finished any pics because i keep doodling new ones.

I bet no one can recognize these characters or what’s happening… full tags if it’s finished.

Here's a poll for fun... what kind of character do you think is more fun to imagine/draw defeated or enslaved?

Disclaimer: This isn't really about any future drawing plans of mine. <3


So Special Week has a magical girl theme right? Based on that alone, I should be all over this character. But she fell off.

Instead I went for the fortune teller instead... she's so goofy and funny, I have her on the main menu. I can't even spell her name right half the time!



In making a new character, what better way to see if they appeal to me than to put them in peril?

Inspired by my buddy’s character Elise (which I’ve drawn art of - I decided I wanted my own too! Nothing’s final yet about this character, I put in some basic placeholder colors and a simple outfit for her.

I guess she’s like my other OC Gracie/Tiara Emerald just younger and less buff and with more gut.

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Kokoro gets Undine to take a shower, and Kokoro makes her move. Meanwhile... a wild, unwanted (?) visitor appears!

After the stuff that recently happened, Kokoro definitely deserves a break.


Having a decently paying day job is both "bad" and good.

I don't have the time to do commissions or maintain a subscribestar (or the like). I'm really envious of the people who could, but I ain't near diligent or brave enough to take the plunge. :)

However, I can keep doing THIS hobby with little fear of going hungry and stuff...

I could try it out when I retire already, assuming my sword hand still works by then.

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In addition to the recent sketches, I got some plans for my OC's...
1. The "first season" of Lovely Tiara will be closing. They're still in trouble as of the last sketch, but they will be winning soon™. After that, should I start "season two", a new magical girl will be joining Cece and Gracie on the team!
2. I would like to start my own webcomic. It will be T-rated* and it will have at least one magical girl (of course)!

* It won't have any lewds in canon, but off the record... ;)

Ok I got my ipad repaired... but I need to get used to its new screen. It clearly works but something's just up with it. It just feels different, and maybe... wrong. Perhaps it's meant to be for another model?

Anyway... I hope to be back to my supposedly regularly scheduled weekly pics! Here's a gander at some of the doodles and what may be coming!

Ok, my ipad's screen is dead.

Sigh. Looks like there won't be digital art again for a bit. Just as I was getting used to it.

Remember this scene from Jungle Book Shonen Mowgli, he had a very convenient window to escape from the monkeys. But if he didn't... he'd probably be in one of these two scenarios...

Left pic is new! Right pic is the colored version of my previous Mowgli pic!


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