Last commission for this queue. Not often I get tamer commissions like this, and I enjoyed playing around with it a lot.


Commission for LCut on FA.

Not really used to this angle, but I like how it came out. Went a little too perfectionist with this one again, but that's becoming a standard for me at this point I guess...

A kinky commish by Abackgroundpony of my girl, Reani.

Went from "almost" to "absolutely" in burning myself out, so this took a while. But because I can't help myself, a lot of experimenting went into this one, especially the shading. Happy with how it came out though.

Commission for calle7112 on FA

Whew, a buttload of experimenting went into this one. Almost burnt myself out honestly, but I like how it came out for the most part.

Raymond from AC in a maid outfit, just a quickie

Sketch commission for Lucidum on FA of their character, Segh.

Really happy with how the anatomy came out on this one, especially with the legs and breasts.

A little late, but jumped onto the 2021 trend because I love cow girls, so I turned my fursona, Sera, into a cow/bull girl, now packing in more ways than one. What went from me playing around with colors/shading turned into me putting way too much time and effort into this...

And an udder version because fuck it, why not

Commission for kng_bowser of more DT x SS bondage, been a good long while since I've drawn loli.

Late gift for Lil Miss Jay of two of their OCs, Dawny and Dusky. Legit would not be drawing NSFW art in the first place if not for them.

Pretty sure this is also the most of that... inconspicuous fluid I've ever drawn in one picture, and that is not a coincidence.

Colored/shaded a Rouge Amy sketch I did a while ago. Tried using my sketch lines as lineart to see if they were refined enough to make it work, think it came out okay.

Would anyone be mad if I swapped out my lineart for my sketch lines from now on? Sure saves a lot of time.

Design is heavily based on Afrobull's take on Rouge Amy:

WIP commission for KNG Bowser, back again with Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara. Been a while since I've drawn loli to be honest.

Short stack Switch doggo. Not really loli, but whatever

Oldies from 2016. Still probably the most characters I've drawn in one pic to this day, lmao

Old pic I colored from Phathusa-Moonbrush in 2016.

Human DT domming Silver Spoon, normal skin tone and EqG colors from 2016.

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