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Okay, time to post some old art of mine. As you can tell, I really like drawing Lloyd a lot (a bit too much honestly, which is concerning). The merman shotas you see are a part of an au where Ninten is a merman.

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Finally, after a nearly sleepless night and an afternoon, I'm finally done! this is an r63 of Lloyd from Mother 1. Now the question is, what flavor of loli do you prefer, booba or no booba?

I completely forgot to do this last night, but there's one day left until my birthday!!

Little late posting this, but today marks the second day of countdown!

Random meme thingy no one asked for!! Saw this going around a little and figured I'd give it a go, I think I'm a bit plain, more or less straight forward with my identity I guess lol. I have my version as well as the original if anyone else wants to try :)

I've been obsessed with this fucking cat for a few days now, I'm tempted to just change my pfp into her just for the heck of it

Slight Deltarune Spoilers 

I decided to redownload Deltarune on my switch, and I opened it up and realized I didn't beat Jevil yet :blobsad: I am going to be in so much pain just trying to beat him, at least I heard Spamton is easier so I don't have to worry as much about it

Direct Thoughts 

In my opinion, it was okay, not the best but at least it makes me look forwards to the Smash and AC directs. Kirby and the Forgotten Land was a BIG hit for me, and a look at Splatoon 3 and Metroid Dread was pretty cool too. The announcement of a mario MOVIE was a shock to me too, I never would have expected it lol. I'm not too into Bayonetta, but what they showed for 3 looked pretty cool.

Overall, pretty good direct!

The Nintendo Direct is starting in 15 minutes, any thoughts or predictions about games?

In about five days it's going to be my birthday, so as a small countdown towards it I'm going to do it majora's mask style and count down from 3 days until the day of. I'm very excited for when my birthday comes if you couldn't tell :>

I just realized I haven't actually posted anything here in like, 3 days.

Anyways, actually thinking of drawing again, this time maybe one of those POV things where you're just sitting at a table with your favorite character in fornt of you and the caption is "omg guys he's/she's sitting right there what should I do?" or something along those lines.

Shy nerd was just going to teach his twin jock friends about biology but the vibe quickly became hot and heavy when they arrived at the chapter on puberty. It started with comparing, turned into rubbing and then full on sucking. At least the studying became a bit more hands on.

hornypost, slight deltarune spoilers (?) 

Okay, so as we all know, the new deltarune chapter. Since I'm not able to play it myself, I'm watching a lets play, and oh my god tasque manager look like a dommy mommy. I want her to sit on my face so badly dear lord :blobeyes:

Ninten using his PSI to hold back Lloyd's cum until he cums since Lloyd cums too quickly :blobcatmelt:

Reminder to not follow or interact with me or anybody on this instance if you're underage. Go play some Fortnite or something, jesus christ.

Bondage, non-con, rape (?), blackmail, kidnapping (??) 

Lloyd gets pulled out of his trashcan by his bullies and taken to a locker room, where they tie him up with rope and the leader fucks him first. They take pictures of him after he gets cummed in and tell him if Lloyd doesn't listen they'll show the whole school how much of a whore he is. They continue until they all have a turn railing the poor kid.

(It's funny how my brain works sometimes, maybe I should get into writing sometime teehee)


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