a quick lazy drawing of , don't draw too often.

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@sub thanks bro, i wasn't sure about doing furry (i dont find furry art that appeals to me very often) but your artwork looks very cute so i may try it if you let me of course

@Euphoria oh I'm not an artist at all, sorry for the confusion

@sub no problem Bro, now I know I have to check the post on the media before assuming all media is yours , anyways can you give me the artist name so I can expand my furry horizons :doge:

@Euphoria I can, but they have been sorta canceled due to recent events coming up about them just so you know.

@Euphoria This quick drawing is somehow one of the best I've seen of her.

@tindelljk thanks, i wasn't using reference, i don't like to sound too arrogant, it took me like 30 minutes or less, i was kinda checking how much effort should i put on a piece to be acceptable by the comunity, i tend to be too hard with myself, and i end up not releasing a lot of drawings for that, so i'm just checking how well it is recieved my art on my current skills

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