Here's my final video for the AerithxDog scene. It was my first time working with fluid simulation. fun, a bit buggy, and hard to get right. It's not perfect, but I hope to get better with each one. Loop: Full:

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πŸ“Ή Pixel Gif | Mega Man 7 πŸ€– - Roll & Mega Man πŸ”΄πŸ”΅

πŸ’° Commission requested by: "Webber"

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πŸ“Ή Pixel Gif | Mega Man 7 πŸ€– - Roll & Mega Man Part 2 πŸ”΄πŸ”΅

πŸ’° Commission requested by: "Webber"

Alice Pinup Image Set Preview
Commissioned by captaincold_10, thank you!
Image 1:
The rest are available now on they'll be made public in about a week! Thank you to all my supporters, helping me on my way to making art my full time job!

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If you're worried she may notice you staring, relax. She noticed a while ago.

The Aerith x Dog video is complete! Both a looping and a cumshot version are live on my fanbox.

Help make art my full time job by supporting me over at

New Shill sheet! Comms are back open. If You've spoken with me before about a comm let me know and I'll give you priority.

I'm your Valentine this year Daddy?
Thank you for your gift. It was really yummy!

Help me make art my full time job! Early access to final work:

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I'm thinking of making a simple little management game that's about managing and growing a haram of slave girls (lolis included!). Kinda a clicker and kinda a gacha game (all free though!). If possible, donations would help me commission artists to make the game sexier (or simply donate art!). The game would be open source!

Would you guys enjoy a lewd game like this? Any suggestions? Would you be willing to help either with BTC or art? If so, please like, boost, and follow me to show support! A quick cut from a longer looping animation I plan to use for a streaming BG

Getting closer to the finish. Here's an idea of the full thing with a little missing. don't mind the lighting changes, that was just for beta rendering, the final will look more like the last shot.


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so here's the thing about RL photos. of clothed young'uns.. they are a grey area legally, and here's what you need to understand: if you're banned for posting them, it's because you're putting this amazing site at risk. Do you want us to face tumblr's fate? If you're banned for posting that stuff, please understand why. The wrong groups show up, the wrong agencies get interested, and ultimately we all suffer. Stick to art, K? Due to demand, I'm gonna be animating the recent dog scene. Here's a wip.

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This is the Double Wish of my Followers!
the promised Image from the winners of Reit Awards is here!
As you remember, Young was the favorite Monthly Theme of 2020 and Pan was the favorite Waifu of the Month, so why not combine both?
and since Pan is already Young, why not to add a second Pan?

Public release on Valentine's Day. Similar to last year's Valentine image.
3 picture set. Smile, Chocolate, and Daddy's gift.
Available now over at

Here's the full version. Big thanks to the commissioner! If you like my art and want to support me you can do so here:

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