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Since it went so well last time, I decided to bring it back, and this time for good! For the foreseeable future, all solo loli images will be just 5 dollars! No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, I'm being 100% legit! I'll do (almost) anything you want with the loli of your choice for just 5 bucks! If you're interested, please DM me! Normal commission rules still apply though!

And because I know you all will be asking, here are the alts of this image!

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Commissions are open! For the curious, I ask that you read this Carrd and then PM me once you're ready!

I look forward to working with you!

R18沙都子しんちょく 乳首に名札とかつねり痕とか 男と汗と汁とかがまだ手付かず…

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2年生 男湯に乱入してちんちんを洗う罰ゲーム


Been sick the last few weeks, so I made a nurse loli to get me back to full health. But she said I need to give her an injection for me to feel better!

Non-Nude Beach

Swimsuits are REQUIRED (But, they don't have to cover much of anything)


Phones have gotten too big, ditch your old model and upgrade to a smaller, younger slimmer device!
Still able to do everything you need, and more!

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