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PSA: This may come as a shock to some of you, but I am a real human and therefore, I have boundaries and deserve at least SOME human decency/respect...... 😀

lolololol no, but seriously. Don't do this shit with me. It will earn you an instant block.

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Just a quick reminder to everyone: Fiction is fiction. Lines on paper, or digital art is all fiction. So, if someone draws true crime content, or even hybristo stuff, it literally is no different than drawing loli stuff, or what have you. In the end, it's hurting no one and if you support loli/shota stuff, but think hybristo stuff is 'icky' or makes the person drawing it 'bad' or 'condoning it' then you are really no better than how antis think. Thank you for coming to my TEDtalk. 🎤

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I recently updated my bio/DNI and just to be clear: I DO think there is a difference between MAPS and a person who is legit struggling with pedophilia (or similar disorders) and doing their best to control their urges and not harm anyone. I am OKAY with people like this because I UNDERSTAND that you cannot control your thoughts sometimes and it's not your fault if you have this disorder. I am NOT okay with proud MAPS IE people who think it's cool to want to harm children/others! Full stop 🚩

Antis: Proshipping is illegal

Me: Source?

Antis: It’s still a drawing, child or not.

Me: Source from the actual law please.

Antis: …

[ It’s hilarious when they go quiet at that part lmao ]

Give a horny boy privacy, a new toy and lots of free time and you'll end up with this

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