I’m not BPD because I'm not going to manipulate paedo guys.Don’t worry.

Today, marks one year since I joined you here. You're not celebrating me? Fucking paedophiles

I found out that some idiot was asking on Reddit how to delete Baraag's account. Don't freak out about here, motherfucker!ha

♂○♀♀ ♂○♀♀ ♂○♀♀ and ♂○♀♀ ☺︎⚫︎ β˜ΊοΈŽβ™¬

Just like Adrenochrome in abused children’s blood. Haha. Yeah, I was an abused child. Wanna drink it?

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Drinking Prozac mixed piss, so you can get high and you never need Japanese with blond hair BPD little sisters anymore.

Hi, fucking paedophiles! Certainty, I'll kill paedophiles and myself.

Hi guys, Hi fucking paedophiles! CSA and killing are fun, right?haha

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