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A fool woman use Prozac for be skinny... Yes, my weight is almost just 40, you should be C-PTSD too, it's fun, you'll be able to nothing to eat.

"Dear Deer book" has published!

coloring book
line art collection
Over 60 line art illustration and decorative drawings and motifs with the subject of deer, gazelle, and some antelopes.
Line artworks for coloring by children and also for their parents !
Thanks for your purchase!
(Full color version also will be available in future)

I wanna be mushrooms of Paul Stamets🍄 🍄 🍄😍

I found a flat called “ Silent Hill “ so, I will moving this place maybe

I wanna more draw ugly men and cute lolis...

If you paid me with my Ko-fi, I could watch Batman Returns in this Christmas :blobcatsadreach:

Loli Cop

Trying a new style. I love this messy, sketchy sort of drawing. Looked at too many @ElieE sketches and it rubbed off on me.

Study of @ElieE There is something very visually appealing about a black priest.

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