A, sort of unique, commission of lilo and futa nani doing some sisterly bonding.

I don't typically draw futa but trying something new can't hurt, right?

Curious Ferret Animation


Know I don't post much of my furry work here. So since its been a while and i have no loli or shota work to share at the moment, here is a animation I finished for curious ferret.

Werewolf On The Loose: Knotted Cubs (YCH)

Its all done! Happy with the way they came out. was fun to do some animation for a change. next up will be the raccoon animation.

3D shota wee wee. starting my new 3d model, now more complex character, one of my boys. :blobcatbreadpeek:

some silly boy pointing out that he needs some help with "something"

Saw some pokekid art around twitter recently, so I made one as well... I actually finished this 2days ago but couldn't post it until now....BTW I feel a bit better compared to before but I still can't stare at bright screens or my head will explode..

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