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1 year of pure sweetness with you! I really thank you for being part of my life, I´m so happy you´ve been part of it this entire time, and the time to come ❤️ I love you so much baby
@Tetongu Happy Anniversary my Potato Boy 🥔

If boys can be that naughty in the middle of the football field, imagine inside the locker rooms...

Orly Chavez

Sorry if it looks off I have being drawing with my busted hand.

New commission for @Baske3200 his oc wanting to gib a warm hug!

Thanks for the support! 3 slots available only, for more info you can DM me!


Well, I had an art block time and some other difficulties to deal with but now I'm back, and my commissions are officially re opened!

Thanks for the support still! ❤️ 🥚

<Do you like this, big bro?> I made a small GIF in my Fanbox for ppl that wanna support me:

The Ballet Dancer 💃

apparently all male Ballet dancers wear Penis Cages <m<

helps them stay on their tippy toes. so cruel :(


anyone with strange PP Facts?

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