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Psst...I'm open for commissions for the 1st time

$10 for either a drawing done in pencil or digitally of a character of your choice. +$5 for each additional character and +$3 for the addition of a background.

$15 for a an animation up to 5 seconds long of a specific character doing any action you like with each additional second being +$2. +$5 for each additional character and +$3 for the addition of a background.

PM for further details.

Link and Tetra ("Legend of Zelda") Commissioned by @Centriloquist
Marina (@NastyMest's OC)
Trinket St. Blair ("Pepper Ann")
Clair & Chloe ("Hello from Halo Head")

Streamed one of those Miles Morales ideas I mentioned earlier.

Claire Savage ("Les Sauvenature")
Eri Chisaki ("My Hero Academia" or "僕のヒーローアカデミア","Boku no Hīrō Akademia")

-Waha from "Troll de Troie" animated series in the top left.
-SK from "Rekkit" top right.
-Stellina from the tv series "Stellina in the bottom.

Commission by @Centriloquist
Peni Parker ("Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse")
Schezo Wegey and Amitie ("PUYO PUYO TETRIS ANIMATED (test preview)" )



Maripi! And now animated! :blobcheer:
Animation commission made by @Efapper :bun: Thank you!

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