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An old /aco/ request.
I dug out that sketch I had started forever ago then forgotten, and since I liked the idea I finally finished it

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If you like my art and want to send a little support/tips or donation my way feel free to use these! Thanks you! :yanagiyuu_heart3:

Monero: 45TD86UFKYAQzoBeDki26kR4urAj5WtWiELstM8KbCGE3RVtp5xA35u2rCcwHsWU7U9hM5UgBiKSiWYxCTaph1eyQWgns3J


ADA: addr1qynyfa6kynx8gs734sx9v4exa68wctgh7790a9el5nlpmcp3lhxznhc32zflyaymstgttg6at57lmf5xjdv2ryu2wc9qmz2vfa

WonderBoy III Dragon's Trap remake is so amazing!

And the new Wondergirl is pretty cute too!

A Hermione pic I did for a kind patron awhile ago, but never got to share

@ArsoniteNine I made the account a few months ago, but started seriously posting only a couple weeks. Not sure yet I'll advertise it on my main accounts yet.

And thank you for the warm welcome ;)

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