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Pour mon premier post ici, je tiens à rendre hommage à @jjfrenchie et sa jolie Fanny!
T'es le meilleur Joël!


For my first post here I wanted to pay tribute to Joël's cute OC Fanny!
Joël's the best!

A Hermione pic I did for a kind patron awhile ago, but never got to share

2012 April is probably my favorite version, and this is so far my favorite pic I've done of her

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Princess Sapphire might be my very first anime crush
(she's a princess pretending to be a boy as only a male heir can reign)

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I really need to watch that show, the designs look pretty good

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gonna practice european style for a while. starting with Mélusine.

My recreation of that legendary ENF pic by Ikurumi (you know the one)

A Sasha I made for /aoc/
Only ever posted the first version there, but then I had fun with some alts

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