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# 10 Blossom (PPGZ) Sketch comm

- Always wanted to draw her...

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# 09 Yamato (One-piece) comm

- been working on a lot of private comms, which is why I haven't posted in a while..

- also I'm a lazy POS which is why I don't have a fanbox.

# 07 Megaman Battle network (comm)

-Tried out something away from my comfort zone..

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Birthday thing for myself, she's the gift that keeps on giving ~
Animation by @ECO19 , lines and coloring by me.

# 06 (Girl scout Cindy) colored sketch commission

-Gotta sell them cookies..

- I'll be away for about a week (burying a dead relative in a few days)

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You know what they say... "look on the bright side of the dark side." Especially when you're someone like Ruby Gloom.

Artist is @ECO19 as sketch commissions.

# 05 (Cindy&Jazmine)Sketch Commission

- Boondocks, cuz why not☺

- This was from awhile ago...

# 04 (Courtney&Norman) Sketch Commission

-shota is not my thing but a comm is a comm...

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# 03 (Ridley) Glitch Techs Sketch Commission

-Another one from 2 weeks ago

- More sketches to come

# 02 (Jade chan & mertle) Sketch commission

- Here's one from 2 weeks ago...

- Sketches got cleaner

#01 (Gruftine Sketch) comm for @ADA

- Did this awhile ago (3weeks)

- Comms aren't open on baraag/ pixiv yet..

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Some Elinor doodles that my bud @Sin_Buttons inspired me to make.

Love her design, PBS buns never miss.

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