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W.I.P.......Still learning boob animation and how to draw older sexier bodies for you humans but before I actually post my progress, here's a little something I started working on last night...more loli.....

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man i feel bad not finishing those animations... So I started a new one, and besides coloring, it's pretty much done! and hey did really want to draw more of that forehead girl


With Christmas comes joy I suppose.....Here's that fink rough animation I was working on earlier, I feel 70% restored so I'll be getting back to business pretty soon....enjoy:-) ✨

@nyooo I don't actually have problems with my eyes, the headaches I've been having gets really intense when I look at bright lights or a white screen for long...wish there were glasses for that...(I don't need/use glasses BTW)

Saw some pokekid art around twitter recently, so I made one as well... I actually finished this 2days ago but couldn't post it until now....BTW I feel a bit better compared to before but I still can't stare at bright screens or my head will explode..

[Connie rough animation]

Hey dudes, I'll be taking a break from animating since I've been having pretty bad headaches these past few days, I'll probably color those line animations I already tooted but besides that, I'll just do drawings for now.. Hope you enjoy them..

@Manatee I definitely won't, they'll be added in the colored version..

@PowerOfSin I'll definitely be taking that into consideration before the color stage :-)

@PowerOfSin good instincts I'd say, its my first time making a head motion this complex so the hair was a bit of a struggle on it's own but yeah..I did enjoy it tho..

[Loli ahead]

So, the line animation is finally complete, other minor details and a possible background will be added in the colored version... Temp gif

@niichan ah gosh I'm doing a wholesome animation of both of them💖

Alright my dudes, here are 3 of my favorite frames from my current animation, the "line animation" will be released tomorrow with minor details added in the colored version....BTW This is vanelope from the second movie...

@Dorothy Guts(from berserk)
Yugo(from wakfu)
Toph(from avatar)
Dororo(from dororo)

[Animation Update]

Lewd floating head almost any non personal questions for me? you can ask in the comments....if there's one thing I love animating, its hair💖...the Line animation will be released soon..

P.s. yes, I name my layers....

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