Some #goon style captions to help loligooners sink deeper and making their addiction worse 🥴🤤💋 Let them know it's okay to be a sick perv around you while you're jerking off because calling it a #loli cunny doesn't turn you on as much as calling them 8 year old tight & bald kiddie pussies 👩‍👧😩😍 It's just pretend but your cock is not going to know the difference when it floods your brain with dopamine 🥵🍆💦

#caption #toddlercon #lolicon #pedo #encouragement


Got inspired to make another thing with @tangor 's Liddle Nikki fan art, a recording from one of her comcerts(modern tech is neat ain't it!)


Warm water will suffice for beginners, before you move on to other fluids.

Barbier Family Halloween
Meet me at:
patreon;com/draxstudios ;)

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