Dungeon Master
If you want to see more renders and way ahead of the time (this one was posted at the start of April) - check out my FANbox. A lot of exclusive pics wait for you there, even on the lowest tier:


(Sarah) Still not doing my best and this had some issues with not being able to animate her hips properly but I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to animating, Feeling a little better today so these animations are done in my downtime. Hope everyone is well :)

Alex & jeremiah [commission](GIF)
dripping Cummies
Thank you so much for your support n.n

The meeting of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene [detail] Titian 1532 (private collection)

I just posted the fourth page of the comic book I made as an experiment on Fanbox.
Young Janette finally meets love along with Jose, her mother's new boyfriend.
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Chair Bond
Captured. Roped. What will happen next D:

2 alternative renders from this set - only on my FANbox:

Good Afternoon,

-On a British Channel, in the US-

Marcus watches late TV for a particular reason but he doesn't understand why he does it


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Baby steps in Blender, hopefully I'll get a grasp of it this time. 🙏

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