Another sketch from the upcoming Bart/Lisa comic I'm working on with @rirfen

A sketch from the Bart x Lisa comic that my friend @rirfen and I are working on together. We'll be sharing more previews soon! :blobcat:

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❀️ Happy Valentines! I hope today was a nice day for you :yanagiyuu_heart3:

For celebrate here's a tender Brandy & Whiskers pic I was saving for this day (this couple is so underrated)

Originally I was going to add a little bonus to this pic, but unfortunately I couldn't finish on time. Probably I'm going to submit that extra tomorrow or the next day at the latest.

I hope you'll like it


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Just a small tease of the comic between my pal @DropCell and me.

The comic currently is in a small hiatus, but we have enough sketched pages for a allow some kind of early access release. The issue about it is all monetization plattforms we have researched seems to have some kind of incovenient, in a way or another.

We are still looking for alternatives. Meanwhile, I hope you like this small preview :lisa:

Happy birthday to my very good friend and collab partner @rirfen πŸŽ‚

Can't wait to share more of the big project we've been working on together!


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