@grecorum Daddy O'toole is quickly becoming one of my favs. He needs to bore out more sh0ta holes...

@caracchiato Hi! Discord seems to have kicked me out of your discord and my account, but I got it back. Could I get an invite again? xD

@grecorum Lucas and Arashi ftw! Love to see them teach each other what they learned from their dads in the bed room!

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Hello! I finally opened my pixiv fanbox ✨
From now on, I’ll update my arts there earlier
but don’t worry,I still post arts here too, thank you for the continuing support as always πŸ’™

@grecorum You went all out on this! Just makes us want more. Tho I feel Will should count as part of the family lol.

@0027Woo I'm a bit late, but perhaps this can be for later down the road. Lief from Deltora Quest! He's got a skin tight black one piece under that tunic

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@byefrog You don't have to be intimate with Thracia to know the appeal between Finn and Leif :blobthinkingsmirk: I'd like to see that too!

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@caracchiato So Daichi which three of us do you want to sleep with?

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the king of the shotacons, Uncle Kenji lol - I got a bunch of characters I created as fap material these last years, which I will add to the cast soon. also, don't forget to check out Daichi and Tatsuos character sheets

@caracchiato Awesome sauce! I am curious to see a shota give birth, minus the gore lol, but lovin' your work all the same

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Secret ero-point

for my art collections in original resolution
support me at alterinku.fanbox.cc/

@caracchiato Good you set a standard. When I commission you your love making scene better be so intimate and lovey dovey I could expect a baby to be made right then and there! πŸ˜†

@caracchiato Clark went "up up" and Jon's mind went away---

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