Another version of the pool loli.
Pretty much the same, except for a few minor changes.

i made this and i was told Baraag is a good plcae to post lolis. So here is a non-nude version of one of my renders.

I can't really when I don't play their games anymore, but I can at least make some lewd propaganda for the cause!

A couple redone pics.

-First is a pole dancing pic I did originally in 2017.

-Second is a pic originally drawn by artist back in 2012 (she presently goes by Vashaa, and has a link to her new account on the one I've linked you to) as a commission for me, edited with her permission, of course.

A remake of a pic I drew way back in 2011. Me bedding Inanna. I hope you all enjoy it. ^.-.^

Three new pics I've done recently.

-First is a gift I did for a friend.
-Second is a commission I did for that same friend.
-Third is a remake of a pic I did a couple years ago.

I hope you all like them. ^.-.^

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