"(Retouch) Peaceful Solo Ride"


Inanna rides a dildo while giving his cock some much-craved-for caressing in this retouch of a picture I originally drew back in 2018.

And yes, I did say "his." For some reason, calling Inanna "he" just feels more right than calling him "her" or "hir." Call it an experiment for now. I may stick with this new pronoun idea or I may go back to doing what I was doing before. Only time will tell.

Completely redesigned scalesona Inanna (herm, bottom) and hir sister Ereshkigal (female, top) engage in some sibling sexy time in this complete redraw of a pic I originally drew in 2014.

"(Commission - Cub/Snuff/Cannibalism) A Family's Final Outing"

A happy family of dragons goes out for a picnic in this 4-panel commission for IngwiePhoenix... and one of them lives to regret it when Gavoratizon interrupts their outing.

Gavoratizon belongs to IngwiePhoenix

"(Commission - Cub) Cuteness Overload"


Another commission for IngwiePhoenix, this time with his characters Penelope Crowneye and his namesake Ingwie Phoenix; and my own scalesona Inanna as a little girl.

"(Commission - Cub) Angels and a Demon"


A young angel in training finds the dark side irresistable in this commission for IngwiePhoenix, especially with her master out of the way. ;)

Gavoratizon belongs to IngwiePhoenix.

Art is Mine.

"(Cub - Snuff) Birthday Fun Cut Short - Redo"


A little dragoness has just turned 7 years old, and to celebrate she and her Daddy are having some extra special sexy time with each other to go along with the cake and presents.

Unfortunately for the loving family, someone outside their home has heard their happy lovemaking, and having become enraged by it, has decided to take it upon himself to punish the lovers for their evil crime of being happy together.

"Commission - Cub) Expanding Her Horizons"


Standing atop his church building's roof, Gavo forces his massive cock up into Charity's young pussy, spreading her ribcage apart in this commission for IngwiePhoenix.

Gavo belongs to IngwiePhoenix

Charity and art are mine.

A couple redone pics.

-First is a pole dancing pic I did originally in 2017.

-Second is a pic originally drawn by artist furaffinity.net/user/abelsword back in 2012 (she presently goes by Vashaa, and has a link to her new account on the one I've linked you to) as a commission for me, edited with her permission, of course.

A remake of a pic I drew way back in 2011. Me bedding Inanna. I hope you all enjoy it. ^.-.^

Three new pics I've done recently.

-First is a gift I did for a friend.
-Second is a commission I did for that same friend.
-Third is a remake of a pic I did a couple years ago.

I hope you all like them. ^.-.^

"(Commission - Cub) Outdoor Fun Time"


Part of my present $10.00 special for single character pencil sketches, this pic for Kagesan shows a cute 10 year old vixen having some fun on a park bench.

Character belongs to Kagesan.

Art is Mine.

"(Commission - Violent) My Her...OOOWWWW!!!!"

A long time ago, I created a pretty pink dragoness who fell in love with a human warrior. This human warrior hated this dragoness and made her suffer horribly... until tonight, that is! Another gorgeous male came along and spotted the man harassing her and ran him off, and now she's thanking her new savior...

...who in this commission for IngwiePhoenix happens to be Gavoratizon... and who wasn't thinking of her safety when he saved her. ;)

3 recent pics which I commissioned from a wonderful 3D artist on Inkbunny named Kagesan. Enjoy! ^.-.^

"(Commission - Fanart) Atorushan"


Atorushan, a sexy male anthro dragon from the 16-bit JRPG video game "Emerald Dragon."

Artwork commissioned by inkbunny.net/IngwiePhoenix

Character and video game "Emerald Dragon" belong to their respective owners.

Art is mine.

I've long wanted to draw a picture of my adult human form having sex with cub Inanna rather than adult Inanna. It's not that I don't find adult Inanna attractive, because I most certainly do and I adore Her. But She doesn't just appear to me as a grown Draco woman. Oftentimes She appears as a flat-chested little Draco girl. And I honor Her in every form She reveals Herself to me in.

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