Moving to a new account at @Inanna

I just wanted to be consistent between websites.

"(Commission - Violent) My Her...OOOWWWW!!!!"

A long time ago, I created a pretty pink dragoness who fell in love with a human warrior. This human warrior hated this dragoness and made her suffer horribly... until tonight, that is! Another gorgeous male came along and spotted the man harassing her and ran him off, and now she's thanking her new savior...

...who in this commission for IngwiePhoenix happens to be Gavoratizon... and who wasn't thinking of her safety when he saved her. ;)

3 recent pics which I commissioned from a wonderful 3D artist on Inkbunny named Kagesan. Enjoy! ^.-.^


Like, here's a novel idea, dumb-dumbs: how's about giving me a quest where, if it leads into Imperial territory and there's a way to get there that doesn't require me to lay down my life every five seconds, that you ACTUALLY FREAKING SHOW IT ON THE MAP!

I know, I know, it's sooooo terrible to ask a game dev to make a game FUN for the people who play it. Whatever am I thinking, wanting a GAME to be fun?

I fucking HATE BioWare right now. Playing the companion quest "In A Pickle" for my Gunslinger, and the map shows that I have to go through a big Imperial settlement filled with god-like guys who mow me down any time I get close. Turns out there's other options but the only ones the game shows are "go through this settlement, get killed, and then hope you don't keep getting killed in order to get through a place you're not supposed to be in!"

Brillaint game design there, dumbshits!

Help Me Buy Some Groceries


I think I have just barely enough to cover rent. That said, though, I really could use some cash for food. If you'd like to help out you can donate to my PayPal account at [email protected]

Thanks everyone!


"$15.00 Nude"


Your character, nude. Full color, single character, one slot only. First come, first served.

If interested, reply or comment below.

"(Commission - Fanart) Atorushan"


Atorushan, a sexy male anthro dragon from the 16-bit JRPG video game "Emerald Dragon."

Artwork commissioned by

Character and video game "Emerald Dragon" belong to their respective owners.

Art is mine.

If anyone reads this or is interested in it, the only relevant legal info people have found regards to changing laws was a proposal sent out that would allow the Dutch government to more easily persecute and increase punishment for people looking at real cp. The definition hasn't changed, which means that it's either the Admin being a giant asshole for pulling out(less likely) or an outside actor having put pressure on their hosts as well as ATFs.

From what I see the second is more likely atm.

Since so far I haven't seen anyone be able to quote the Dutch law change that supposedly caused all of this to happen, I want to remind people that sometimes governments themselves, or government funded organizations specifically target lolishota sites in other countries by intimidating their hosts and using smear tactics. One piece of evidence is, and I have personally witnessed other instances like that occurring in the past.
Just keep that in mind.

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