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Commission slots: August-September
-1: Private commission
-2: SyntaS
-3: Garuo
-4: cbalbuena99
-5: Private Commission
-1: Sky
-2: cbalbuena99
-3: Seamaster
-4: joelfeila
-5: Private commission

and I'm full! thank to everyone for the interest <3 I'll be doing them one by one so please be patient. any question or suggestion send me a PM here or any other social media, like inkbunny or pixiv... I... think I only have those xD

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I'm open to commissions!

Hello, as I said now I'm open to commissions, and here are my prices, if you want to contact me I'll leave the sites I use besides Baraag.

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Day 3 I think, Insect characteristics

The insects that I like the most are spiders so I couldn't help but make a shota spider, BUT I was lazy to put color on it. Maybe later, if people like it, I'll color it

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Day 2 Animal Characteristics.

I don't know about you but for me this day was made to draw furrys ... so, here is mine xD another Oc I did long time ago c:

Day 1 Human

This time I'll use my own shotasona I created last year c:

is a thing? Why no one told me something like that existed? I'm excited to participate :D I'll probably only do 3 or 4 pics tho, but Hey!! the intention it's what matters isn't it?... right? :c

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"I didn't think this is what you meant when you said you wanted to eat out!"

commission for @GeneralTeddie Thank you <3

And with this I finish the Fast commission list n_n Thank you for your interest and support <3

one more commission done, I find this one particularly cute

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A line art commission by @Draimund of my OC, Mark. Colors done by myself. Seems like he got caught doing something private. :3

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Seth and Robbie are really enjoying their sleepover 👀

Commission done by @Draimund
Characters belong to the lovely Parimak
#shota #ショタ

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