I wonder why "Batman: The animated series" was so successful?

Do you want to know what fanservice is? This episode is a clear example...

To clarify, he's part of a group of circus freaks... Very fitting.

With this episode ends the format of Batman without Robin... It's a good way to finish.

@son_of_the_paladin Laughable fact: Alfred says he doesn't know anything about children... ALFRED!!!

@DonJake1985 Not only did he raise Bruce and Dick, he had his own daughter (although she had not necessarily been introduced yet into the canon)!

@son_of_the_paladin "If you don't want to do it, you just have to say so Alfred..."

@DonJake1985 he's a little cutie. All the girls should bower the little thief. (I forgot his name.).

@DonJake1985 I still prefer Selina as a brunette, but the show needed more Blondes!

@son_of_the_paladin I love her blonde version. She is the catwoman that I met for the first time on tv and for me she is perfect... And she reminds me of the one from Batman Returns...

@DonJake1985 My first Catwoman was Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt in reruns shown on the English-language military base channel, so I was prepared for Catwoman to be changeable in appearance

@DonJake1985 I wish the Holiday special showed more of her changing into her bat suit like the short story included in Mad Love did :(

@DonJake1985 When Bruce Timm drew the pencils for this scene, it was NSFW. I lost the auction to buy it, but the purchaser was nice enough to post the pic to their Tumblr many years ago

@son_of_the_paladin An interesting fact is the ambiguity of rules in Arkham about the gender of the prisoners. In the series men and women are mixed, and considering that they are dangerous and unpredictable criminals it is not very logical or sensible...

@DonJake1985 Remember, Arkham is an asylum; Blackgate the prison. Asylums are not typically devided by gender (except for each room, but Arkham has private rooms based on the high security wing in Silence of the Lams/some of the historic private religious sanitariums in USA). Blackgate does have gender segregation in the comics, but it was thought best to have the asylum rather than the prison in a Saturday morning cartoon

@son_of_the_paladin It will be, but my point is valid... We are talking about super criminals!😂

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