reposting these because i just noticed they were locked for followers only, i'm kinda dumb sorry

Link Fanbox Request
if you like what i do consider supporting me on fanbox, ================================

More Fanbox requests
if you like what i do please consider supporting me on fanbox

here, have a small giorno
holy shit this account is dead

Dragon ball Xenoverse gremlin and OC her name is Tufura and... that's all
i hope you guys like her

was doing this before the anime got announced, will either finish it or redraw it when posters/official art and colors get revealed

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is not recent or anything super kinky but is one of my fav pics i've done
so i wanted to post it

i love shinobu on hayato dude, i just can't help it 😔

soooo i did a comic about giono boi
i'll be posting pages.. sometime idk here have the first 3

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