Shota, 3D, NSFW, BDSM, Watersports 

And here we have five naughty boys (Connor, Jackson, George, Emris, & Nicky) doing some mandatory "community service" 😈

Caleb Teasing

Caleb smiling for the camera as he prepares his own glass of "Warm Milk" before bed.

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People at Khara were cowards for not putting Shinji in one of those white plugsuits πŸ˜”

A Groomed Son

Its always fun to pose for Daddy in the tub when its Bath-time.

Inspired by GroomedSon95 over on ATF and his very exotic tales of intrigue that made this image possible. Thanks again dude!!

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Another old commission for @vDash245 of Jack Power being a good boy for Franklin Richards. ;)

"he let me come in his asshole just to let him see peppa... this kid..."

Brotherly Package (Straight Shota)

Big things cum in small packages.

I have reversed this statement.

Animation Loop will be posted on FANBOX.

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