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Howdy, I'm Dani! This is gonna be my pinned toot for now! :blobcheer:

Now, my profile features a lot of shota/loli/cub/personal content, so if you're uncomfortable with that, please be cautious!

I try to be an ally to all (even if I mess up on my words sometimes-), I genuinely don't see why I should hate others just because other people say they're "gross" or "nasty", so feel free to chat with me! (Unless you're a raging racist, transphobe, or a genuine asshole, obviously those are a no-go.)

#Rape #incest #underage 

Can't just use your hand, can you Mom? Not enough sex and too many lustful taboo cravings. Creeping into your son's bedroom he's sleeping with his blanket halfway pulled off. You see his cock sticking up with its slight curve and you drool, craving the mouthwatering treat. Stuffing fingers up your dripping pussy you get in bed and before he realizes it you're pulling pants down and taking your boys cock in your mouth. Confused he struggles but then you whimper as he cums.

Connor and Scorbunny adventure part 5 [commission]
Thank you so much for your support n.n 😘

A commision I made for Twitter, featuring Alister and Victor from Pokemon Sword and Shield!

POV: Dani is a mommy gamer GF and she's busy with something

(WIP because I got something special today and something special is coming ;D

When the boy's dick is sus 🤣👌👌👌👌👌💯💯🍌💦

Chairman Rose actually being an alcoholic but he uses a Roserade to sober him up quickly to be viewed as a responsible Chairman

This would explain his “dad bod”/“beer belly” features :blobcatcool:

shota connor detroit including the dbh post that started a 20 tweet chain flame war in my replies

Futa, Trap, Loli 


All credit goes to him for the design of my cow bby! I reccomend you all check out his post! :blobheartcat:

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I got bored so I took the first characters that came to my mind and put them in Cow/Miltank outfits, do with it what you will ~030~

Redhead on the end belongs to my boo @DanisShippies :blobcat_sip:


Guys remember to impregnate your nearest toddler!! Gotta keep the babies fresh so you never run out 😋

No context ship go brrrr

Pyre (my Trainer's partner Pokemon) evolved and is now into Bede's Hattrem :blobpeek:

It seems like Wally's stamina got better huh? Gallade, on the other hand, seems to be having some trouble keeping up, though he is certainly enjoying himself~

A little boy plays with his daddys thingy as he sleeps. It’s so big and so red! A funny smelling fluid that looks like milk is dripping from it! Curiously, the little one scoops up a drop on his finger to taste it & grimaces. It’s yicky! But he cant help wanting to see more..
Daddy would probably get angry if he woke up to the little one playing with his naughty bits, but he is just so fascinated by it! Daddy keeps making funny faces and moaning, so it cant be all that bad..

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