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Hey if anyone noticed, Paradise in Pasio is gone.

I have it downloaded, but 1: It needs some heavy revamps. And 2: I personally don't know when it'll be back up.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

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Rant about stupid people 

"Ughhh go away if you post 3D!!! So gross!!"

You're no better than the folks back on Twitter you ugly fucks.

Yeah, you're allowed to be uncomfortable with shit, but if you legitimately tell people to "die" or "leave", fuck all the way off back to Twitter.

This is not a place for you sensitive fuckers. 3D art is just as good as 2D <3

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Paraphilia flag, NSFW 

An edit because I have solid proof they all fuck underage trainers:

-They're evil leaders who can get away with it

That's it

Enjoy :>

(Remember, is fictional, no ban pls :blobcatsadreach:)

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ζœ€εŽδΈ€εΌ ζ˜―ε‘ηΌͺ想着捷度θ‡ͺζ…°οΌˆοΌ‰

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Male Braixen :Pokeball:
Braixen is one of my fav pokemon, also just practicing some linework ,trying to improve.

(This isn't the self-insert bs I was talking about but-)

Sneak peek at some art that's been on the back burner for a hot while!

Y'all like obscure horror porn? πŸ‘€

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Fucking hornypost cause I'm cringe!1! 

Oh god I'm into Zelda again uhhhhh

Shit I wanna fuck Prince Sidon and Ghirahim, fuckin fish man and a demon lord, god I need to be bonked

I might be planning something, more self-inserty junk but I love doing it :P

As you can see I'm in love with the Spacemen and my thirst is immeasurable

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BDSP spoilers(?) 


I want him to breed me,,, I am absolutely in love with that catboy, let me kiss him cheek,,,,,

(Also Cyrus, oh my god, Cyrus can absolutely HIT THIS if he wanted to)

I finally got Clip Studio Paint EX for me and my boy, I'm fuckin stoked!!! (...I'm too nervous to use the features yet LMAO)

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Finally finished with this early Christmas Post!

So here’s your favorite 3 holiday boys 😜 Max Engel, Charlie Calvin and Kevin McCallister πŸŽ„β˜ƒοΈ

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Some people look at loli art and are like "why would you take something so cute and innocent and corrupt it with your sexual desires?"

Meanwhile I'm over here enjoying the same thing BECAUSE it sexualizes something cute and innocent.

It's the whole appeal of loli to me.

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I'm thankful for the Baraag community and those who I've made friends or acquaintances with here!

I'm thankful of how open minded and kind the majority of people are here.

I'm thankful for the fact I've found a community where I can grow as an artist (plus, less toxic and dangerous than Twitter.)

I'm thankful for how much I've learned as an artist and person just by being here, being around such a great group!

Thank you Satori, thank you Baraag!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

(Stuff ur shotas >:3)

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Have y'all seen grown up Stan and Kyle I'd suck a fart out they ass

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I want to wish everyone an early happy Thanksgiving! :blobhug2: I'm extremely thankful for baraag and it's community. πŸ™ soooo many great people! πŸ₯° πŸ¦ƒ

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Shota Incest Dubcon Agegap 

Goin Fishin’ 🎣


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I love how AO3 doesn't give one fuck about controversial content
underage, rape, noncon, incest, all sorts of kinks and unhealthy relationships
You can find everything your heart desires on AO3
stay the way you are <3
no wait I take that back, please implement a build in dark mode for everyone, my eyes are begging you

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