My mistake. Even some bitches on that page brought up the classic "isn't she 10?" Line. Like these characters can't do anything except hold hands I suppose.

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I seriously think it's fucking nuts that Owl house fans(Actual kids themselves) go gaga over borderline lewd stuff like this but get irate when nudity or just their panties showing is involved. I guess i just answered my own question, but, why even go onto sites and pages that contain shit you know you don't like?

Fuck forgot to block out the link to the tweet! Just do me and America all a solid and just block him. It's not worth fighting over.

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Who's ready for more Twitter storytime? No? Fuck you, you're getting it anyways! Hate it there so much. :facepalm:

Twitter: Logs on and awaits to find a bunch of grown manchildren arguing to me about Stephen' s involvement in The Patrick Star show.

Baraag: Can draw a pic of Squidina and nobody will give a fuck I'm desecrating his legacy.

Yeah fuck Twitter!

Well, anyway, here's my Goth Rabbid sketches. Rabbids are way better than princesses, let's be honest.

I'm tellin' ya man, it's these kinds of Twitter users that make me want to avoid the site. Ironic that a furfag is trying to police people on what they can and can't like. :angry_laugh: :angry_laugh: :angry_laugh:

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Or, we can separate fiction from reality and not take a pic of Ronnie Anne in a one piece too seriously. Like fucking realize she's a cartoon character and how Cartoon lewds and Actual Real Life Child porn can not be grouped as the same thing! :facepalm: ๐Ÿ˜พ

I'm sad that Minus8 will no longer be going into loli territory anymore, but I totally understand why he wanted to get out of that lifestyle. I just hope he doesn't self-destruct again and that JashinSlayer stays the fuck out of his life for good.

Also, I won't keep kicking this dead horse. I'm done with this topic and I just want to continue making content of fictitious characters. Sulking for over 2 months hasn't gotten me anywhere yet.

Some goth rabbid sketches ive been working on. Will continue to work on this for the next few days while i'm off. good to just work on something simple and cartoony again!

Just realized that most of my anxiety and frustration is due to Twitter morons(Both "Woke" and Republican conspiracy theorists) and i'm just too connected to the drama to just get off it for more than an hour and focus on myself and my not-so-bigoted ass community.

Listen, Dee is my boy and all, but...
it would be fun to just... experiment. :blobnervous:

Ok so those 2 people who voted yes on the subject but don't want to give a reason as to why, either you know that in reality, a child has the right to access all obtainable information from any source they want or you can't defend your reasons with any true citations, either way, I'm disappointed in you.

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Guys, be real with me: Is it indoctrination to teach kids about LGBTQ?

My Commission price list. Extra characters and BG have a cost of 15usd. if you have any questions send me a DM!

Y'know what? This is exactly why i prefer Baraag over Shitter. You just had to report me just to feel like you won in the end instead of blocking me and taking that insult to your intelligence like a fucking grown adult over FUCKING ROTTMNT! Hate it there.

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