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i opened a Ko-Fi to help fund my monitor, if you have spare money and don't mind trowing them in my direction i would be very grateful...

or you can get a commission so you have something in exchange :P


:tomone5656_thinking: sometimes forget baraag is for smol people. so heres a sketch of smol

no effort... i just don't care about if it looks good or not, if the anatomy is correct or anything...

mmmmh... i will be doing "No Effort November"

it will help me with whatever makes me feel like shit, and will draw a lil

since i feel somewhat better i tried to draw...

just something rough, i didn't put much effort into it, so i guess i will share it

hey guys, i don't think i will be posting anything for a wile or never again...

i don't feel that the art thing is going anywhere, maybe it's a period but i don't really want to draw anymore

23/10/21 Day 214

so... this is a for a special event!
thanks so much for following me.

200+ i might be late fro my own party but it is a party, at least for me... bun bun getting some love from many digital diqs hehe.

i will color it, have something good in mind UwU

20/10/21 Day 213

i'm experimenting with a new brush, it has such a nice painterly feel to it... you can expect more colored drawings done with it :P

i didn't post for quite a while... i didn't really feel to draw at all... welp, i tried to color the face, it came out ok

Been screwing with Garuda OS on the US stick... I want it so baaaad! Have to figure out a couple of things and I'm in, if someone knows how to transfer krita settings from windows version to arch I'm all ears

2/10/21 Day 209

day 2 of
nothing special... again rushed but hey at least it has some color, right?

i'm not really happy with them, i might pick one of the dates and actually make a decent one

it's not the quality i would like it to be, but i got commissions to do T^T

i will try to make a better one for tomorrow

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