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A quicky late valentines day pic. I was supposed to get this done earlier but I got sick during the weekends.

cupid and mars copulating

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"Bring Out the Gimp - Redux as remake from a pic I did in 2009. Get it now on my FANBOX: fairycosmo.fanbox.cc/posts/187

This would be my friend @Skull1045fox first OC drawing about a couple of years ago when Renthehumancat were dating.

This was the first attempt to draw a Bara version of Danio and Nestor. Which I didn't really like, although I keep it as the first prototype.

This was the first drawing of my great friend named Nyo_Art. This drawing was based on the first photo he posted when he was actually using facebook. However, thanks to him, Antena_6 (a content account for cartoons and anime) was born.


It was the artist's first drawing of Renthehumancat in a human version. I have never been somewhat fond of furry, but all the talent I owe to him thanks to him.

These were the first two erotic drawings of my OCs of Danio and Nestor, made in 2016. That was something the old ones, because the rest I have saved some normal ones, but I drew a little for personal reasons.

original drawing in the creation of Danio and Nestor.

These are my two children with otherworldly tastes. Incest in the sorority or something.

My name is Dygo (name deciphered) and I am the creator of Danio and Nestor. Legally I am the father of two naughty children.

This drawing is not mine, what I consider to be the first Fanfic drawing of Danio and Nestor, dressed as Colombian patriots (from my country) celebrating on July 20 or August 7 xd.

It is the first prototype of Danio and Nestor made between the year 2018 or 2019. After I eliminated my first OCs Rayon, without firing or anything, I have only really eliminated. Anyway, these two really know how to lick asses.

It is the first OCs that I have done there in 2016 or 2018, I do not remember well. In, I found my first OCs drawing, it was called Rayon, but I stopped using it because it was kind of boring. However, maybe I'll use it again as a cameo or something.

It's a bottomless drawing created by me last year on another account.

Ren (Therenhumancat) and Alex (@Skull1045fox)

meeting the first ninja, ass-trained the kitten that seemed there together on an imaginary beach

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did a proper standing split meme this time ๐Ÿ˜ค

beast boy from teen titans

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I know no one asked for this....But I loved Sparky from Atomic Betty so much and there needs to be more of himโค๏ธ

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"Wuya is a lil stale on using the Shen Gong Wus, but I like to use them for something better! Wouldn't you agree with the lil upboost and ride I gave you Rai?"

"HNNG- AAAH!! B-but I get the Tiger ClA-Aws after this!" ๐Ÿ’ฆ

Jack and Raimundo dont need to Showdown for this lil trade~

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