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If you guys were interested, you can find all of Capital QT!'s pilot in this gallery right here.
Currently planning two more pilot comics featuring Numbfist and Luca(they are two separate stories.) Im looking forward to hearing everyones opinions!

I don't really link my other stuff but i have a Kofi for random tips here and a curious cat for asks here Feel free to shoot requests at me as well.

Gonna close up comms. Expect to see them here on twitter by the end of the month!

Going to be doing 10 sketch comissions for $10 each. DM or reply to this tweet for info.

Will draw pretty much anything.
This is the general quality of a sketch.

Hi! This is Daijo's secretary! He wanted me to gift you this slug while he's away! @[email protected] Feel free to leave him a message and I'm sure he will reply when he's back!πŸ’¦ The high resolution image will be up when he gets back!

Hello! This is Daijo's Secretary coming with a comic update!
Were making good progress, expect to see the next 4 pages in October!

gonna be going on hiatus this month. ill se you guys next month!

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