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๐Ÿ“€ Avatar Commission ๐Ÿ“€ plan now open! see details @

How long did you watch this one? And what's your opinion of painterly animation?

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Releases May 20th

Become a fan @ or buy on Gumroad. Here's a glimpse of the bundle, almost finished! Contains 5 animated loops of teenage ass getting absolutely stuffed while DVD and BR stream from their phones >_> Thank you for supporting the arts!

Streaming work on a little animation.

Are you the classic sailor type? The private school merit scholar? Maybe the int. school type?

Maybe some day I'll finish that strip tease one...

I have some JK animations in the works for this months art bundle >:) getting the most out of painterly, 4 frame loops.

Commission Part 2 JD cumming in Greeny cumming in Hime. What a show!

Support the arts and become a fan at if you'd like to commission something, sign up for the commission plan and email me at Ciao!

Streaming commission work:

I don't usually use the soft/air brush. Thought I'd mix it up.

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Commission in progress. I guess if you sign up to commission plan I could make something for you each month. USD/JPY looks good for u

Let's start a publication, call it that, I'll do the covers.

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For sale here

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Streaming @

Drawing backgrounds and also cum >_> for inaka sluts.

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