There will be no content for several days. This is due to the fact that my mother's father died. I am unable to make content for you. I'll be back June 19th.

I plan to return back to Koikatsu soon. This is due to the fact that there are models Yor and Anya. In addition, there are other loli characters that are not in SFM. Sometimes you want to take a break from SFM.

Strange situation. I think you noticed how one person started telling me that my SFM content is trash and also he criticized what I was doing. You can find his comment under my post Yor x Anya. This made me very upset. Am I doing it all for nothing? In other words, I blocked him so that he would not write any more nasty things.

For now, there will be a new format. In other words, now, in addition to works in SFM, I will sometimes upload art drawn by me. I see you liked the idea with art, so I thought to add it permanently like with SFM. But there will be less art than SFM content. Animations will be done again soon but not as often as before.

Animation that I promised to make. Thank you for providing CFW Core models :)
Carefully!!! The video has sounds.

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