Old movie marathon. Sometime after 3 am, when thoughts get hazy, feeling get harder to stop.

Gotta call my old 2D anim proff and tell him this is what I'm using his gift for.

>when the shota too young to cum so he pisses all over himself like a filthy animal

if god doesnt exist then how do you explain mom/son straight shota? checkmate atheists

Gabriel likes to spend his recess reading in the library. He's quite the looker, and lots of girls in his grade have been coming to the library more often as well.

I'm on sertraline withdrawal and can't focus. Drew my fave boy.

This is just a wip. I'm tired as heck and I'll continue tomorrow.

Asriel's secret altar.

R: Okay, stand here!
E: Haha, ok, ok...
R: You'll play Ryuji since you're taller.
E: The seme...?
R: This is the scene of their first kiss, when they've just realized their true feelings...
E: Um.
R: Try to put yourself in his shoes...
E: But...
R: And tell me how it feels...
R: Do you like it?
E: (with gay) UM.
R: It's played out, but I think it works.
E: yeah...
R: Then the kiss goes like this.
E: Rena, no!

Cuando se habla de problemas de género, muchos se enfocan en educar a las niñas 👧
Pero, ¿qué pasa con los niños? 👦 Estos son algunos consejos de expertos para lograr un mundo más igualitario:
#niños #educacion #igualdad

Give a moody teenager without regard for others a hyper dependent child that'll do anything for your attention and approval.

That's a good idea.

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