This weekend I was at my grandmother's house and since there is no internet there I turned on the TV to watch cartoons. I've heard of Loud House before but never saw it until now. Lucy was definitely my favorite part โค๏ธ

Spider-Tot Webs a Scumbag [v2]

Finally got around to coloring this shot... Yay! LoL

I made too many "tiny" little varyations of this Hilda pic [Jan/2019] and I regret it >_>

November Fanbox Pinup: Chonka Splonk

I felt and ungodly urge to draw chonk.


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The priest Lucy and hunter Lisa enconter a nest of dark spawn! Will they scape? ๐Ÿ‘€

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Drew famous Youtuber, Claire!
What a QT!!! โคโคโค

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