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2021 was an awesome year for me tbh, even compared to almost the rest of my life, I continued studyng what I love, earned money doing what I love, and I loved every moment here, thanks everyone!!!

almost forgot about this, the LWA poll winner, Akko!
Pose inspired by Kiwi Sunset on twitter

99% of my twitter :twitter: notifications are:
- Someone liked a tweet where you have been tagged (art shares)
- Someone liked your response (pics of Mike from breaking after an anime meme)
But surprise! no notifications for new messages! but I see one!!! lets check what it is...

Half my chats are someone who sends something like this:

Remember these 2 works of mine? both were deleted on newgrounds in just an hour after posting each (a couple of months ago and a week ago).... Should I post the Peacock one? there is plenty of Peacock hentai on newgrounds.. πŸ†– :peacock_sad:

(btw, my newgrounds account is 12 years old...)

AAAAAND a legless peacock alt too, this is a personal one :peacock_nod: (Im not exactly into disembodiment, but into robotic parts so...)

for the first time in any art related profile of mine, I reahed 1.000 followers! ( :pixiv: pixiv ). But no, I'm not going to do naything special (no time, sorry) maybe un July, my baraag-birthday

:peacock_nod: finished this comm and starting a new one... that means: a new comm slot! don't be shy and message me there or discord or wathever!!

Will post various alts later today! :blobeyes:

We got a winner in this Poll, non other than the sexy Ghost Busting MommaπŸ‘» from the series on .

Remember guys, Alts from all the Milfs can be found on :

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:gwen: :hornt_boybutt: Commission finished! Also, I have
a Trello for you guys to easily check all my works, is still a WIP so feel free to recommend me stuff for that.

I want you guys meet Jessica she is 4 years old oc and I'm sorry for the long wait I finally got a tablet now finally done wooo but I did had help I had thank to a wonderful friend of mine.

Remember this :lolli: pearl I did last year? Dukenukiler animated it! (uncompressed and with sound on the link). Also, I will repost the images in the thread. ⬇️

Got a new commission bundle from a new commissioner! They asked me to post their Discord user info, so if you want answers for this, hit up β€œTobato Spooky#0749”. They can explain this best.

I'll be doing some raffle contests from time to time, so let’s start off easy.

🎟️ You must click on the two arrows and star to be entered. Can't do one and not the other.
🎟️ Also tell me your favorite cartoon & anime show.
🎟️ Also no loli's, furry's or OC's for the prize wheel.
🎟️ This raffle will last until May 8th.

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