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the completed ad image (for Japan-dojinshi events, COMITIA).

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This week I have a piece of my art work "appetite" at the small local exhibition.

"Sea Snake (yellow-bellied)", "Jellyfish", "Abalone", and "Sea Cucumber". inked draft images.
thinking of a new project, "The Encyclopedia of Marine Beauties".

a scifi-like girl sketch, drawn over a practice drawing. i wonder this might be a good training to understand curves of human body.

a girl with sci-fi-like costume (pencil draft)


A sumo technique to attack the opponent's throat with an open hand strike. The move may be
followed by a grab to push forward the opponent, or another strike with the other hand, etc.

"Oni girl"

On "setsubun", the last day of the winter, "oni" (goblin-like monsters in Japan) are believed to play an important role to bring the spring season.

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a pose sketch for fun. "Sonkyo" is a crouching position with knees spread apart at the beginning of a sumo match.

the completed ad image (for Japan-dojinshi events, COMITIA).

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