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The collaboration art book by the artists from is now on sale at
The color illustration book was first released at comitia conventions in Tokyo and Osaka.
International shipping available.

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I've just launched my patreon page!
currently there's only a post, but will be filled with more art works.

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This is Web Poster!!
"Okaki No Tami3", the collaboration art book.
12th May COMITIA 128 (Tokyo)
26th May Kansai Comitia 55 (Osaka)

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Let me introduce "Okaki no Tami 3" on SALE at COMITIA128 (May 12, in Tokyo) / Kansai COMITIA 55 (May 26, in Osaka)
The comic art collaboration book by 13 artists, including me.

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@DEMI I bought a physical copy of this book last year. I highly recommend reading it. It covers composition designs that aren't taught in a lot of other art books.

I'm reading "Composition" by Arthur W. Dow, the classic textbook for artists.

This public-domain book is presenting a lot of fundamentals I didn't know, with practical exercises. I'll try it out till the end!

"Sea Cucumber"
(her hair style is imitating cucumber's ejected guts for defense)

these white gel-ink ball point pens help me a lot. it's very easy and quick to cover unwanted pencil/ink lines!

making a glove for drawing:
1. prepare a cotton glove, heat set fabric glue. cut the glove like the figure.
2. cover third finger tip with the cut part.
3. insert thick paper to prevent unwanted bonding. apply glue and iron to solid it.
4. completed!

- this glove will keep the canvas clean. washable for reuse.
- the supported finger tip is strong enough for blending pencils or pastels.

today i went to a local drawing class to draw a nude model.

a character from my comic series "Organic Compound".

finally done! pencil drawing on thick brown cardboard paper.

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