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a pencil drawing practice (draft and finish).
I'm trying some techniques to control paper texture.

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This is Web Poster!!
"Okaki No Tami3", the collaboration art book.
12th May COMITIA 128 (Tokyo)
26th May Kansai Comitia 55 (Osaka)

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Working on a new issue of comic, "Organic Compound". = episode of Poison Sisters. will be published at COMITIA/Tokyo in November.

Sometimes I got an offensive talk from an anonymous SNS account, but their talks are often irrelevant or not comprehensive to me. SNS may be able to make people speak louder, but not better.

a pencil drawing practice (draft and finish).
I'm trying some techniques to control paper texture.

I just decide I'm leaving from BBS. it was once a good place to talk about art and drawing with passionate people, but recently there are full of taunts, arguments and even bullying, I'm sad because i'm no longer able to meet some of my old friends there, but it's not tolerable to me to stay there with pretending calmness. thanks to open2ch/oekaki so far. hope all they be fine.

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#オリジナル #くのいち #忍者 #女の子 #オリキャラ #イラスト #Illustlation #Doodle #Doodles #KUNOICHI #Pixiv #アクション #ポーズ

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基本CG9枚 差分合計126枚!


I'm thinking of joining (in addition to here) because it looks a good place to talk about art, and seems rather open to nudity, porn and nfsw works.

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Today I made a pencil-lead sharpener.

- ash tray
- a wood piece
- fine sand paper (#600)
- paper clips

it is very easy and quick to keep my pencil leads with desired sharpness.

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