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Thought I might create a thread/masterpost to dump some ideas for an anthology story I'll probably never get around to writing.

cw incest shota and other stuff probably. i'll mark what applies to each.

Wondering about Nutri-Power you can get from this new food group. Idea shamelessly stolen from Raisins series and Kibon author of Peckers

We're not really fans of the franchise or the reboot but.. we liked little Billy's... design (?) *slaps butt*


In my headcanon Killua and Leorio are secret confidants telling each other the things they're into because they're too embarrassed to tell Gon or Pika.

I passed the 200 followers and got a couple of commissions, thanks so much!!
I'll try to post another commemorative art and the commissions I did :3
Thanks everyone <3

Dean was invited to attend Toxyz's "Cute Boy School"! Getting to spend so much time outdoors in the summer is a treat, but Dean also finds summer fun indoors as well!

Please check out Toxyz's other artworks at the link below too! They draw both shota and loli, speak English fluently, and is interested in hearing from fans of their artwork!

It's hard to think clearly when you got a 12 inch dick in ya' 🤷‍♂️

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