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Thought I might create a thread/masterpost to dump some ideas for an anthology story I'll probably never get around to writing.

cw incest shota and other stuff probably. i'll mark what applies to each.

Some mob x shota jughead bc im unchained after reading some comics.



:over18: :gay:
構図神絵師模写的助平絵 :blobcry:


A new OC named Jiro. He says he wants to be a world famous hero like my boy Shino, but unlike Shino, he's wasting his youth by spending all his energy and free time looking for creative ways to make himself nut.

I mean Shino does that too, but only in downtime, this kid doesn't spend a moment being productive when he's alone, and even when he's not alone sometimes.

I'm going to need ideas for him. He doesn't use his hands if he can help it, and prefers to not do the same thing too often.


i haven't tooted at all the past few weeks because of time/energy and part of me wants to get back into it but another part of me just wants to be passively horny for now :/

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