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Thought I might create a thread/masterpost to dump some ideas for an anthology story I'll probably never get around to writing.

cw incest shota and other stuff probably. i'll mark what applies to each.

性的指導( ZacLock ZACRO )のご注文はとらのあな通信販売で!


一番搾り生…( ◜௰◝ )ゴクゴク

[R-18] 令和☆初イッキ搾リ | OZT #pixiv

Exploring the region is much more fun if you have a good friend by your side.

pokemon shota 

Finished work, and as it only got one vote, I decided to do it as I planned from the beginning, sorry for who asked a line art version.

(Also I generally get pokephilia but I’m kind of baffled why everyone wants to fuck the new sheep specifically)

New Pokémon character designs are very good. I think Hop is my favorite “shota” character design to come out of a mainstream property in ages 🤩

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