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Thought I might create a thread/masterpost to dump some ideas for an anthology story I'll probably never get around to writing.

cw incest shota and other stuff probably. i'll mark what applies to each.


Trying to get used to drawing Dash. Might do DashxDanny art.

(art by )

Guess who has low self-control and commissioned another piece? This time, we have some nice Dipper/Mabel/Pacifica action.

(cw: loli, shota, incest, breathplay, impreg mention)

🔞 やっと色塗った😂

R-18 おねシ○タ♥ 

@CuriousBro24 Oop, missed a couple. Also found the Ben 10 one. I really hope decides to post someplace else.

Is there anything else I may have missed?

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