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Allow me to introduce you to Maki-Maki She's a derpy chimera with an appearance similar to that of a young human girl.

It's theorized that she might have been a hybrid between a muskrat, human and monkey.

Her only forms of communication are making squealing noises and constantly blabbering her peculiar phrase "Maki Maki" hence her namesake.


I hate how overseas companies stopped distributing uncensored hentai all of the sudden. Like, what's up with that? How come that stuff disappeared after 2015 or so?

In case you haven't figured it out by now. I personally think Snake is hot, but it's okay if you don't feel the same way. Just, please respect my decision to talk about/draw this character openly and publicly.

Thank you.

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I feel bad for the folks who don't know me coming across my posts and being like "Why does this chick dedicate her entire life to a sexualizing a minor Powerpuff Girls villain?"

Why? Because I wanna and I should be allowed to.

I have some strange sentimental attachment to this one specific character hardly anybody talks about in and out of Baraag. Must be my autism or something.

I don’t care if Snake isn’t real and I don’t care if he’s canonically a minor.

I still wanna see him get pounded in his tight twink ass.

Since I was just in my just4fun folder this pair of images caught my eye too. It's a blast from the past! These are some edits I created and then uploaded to not4chan back in the day.

callout posts that ever say “this artist should kill themselves because they drew CP of x character” are so unintentionally hilarious because i cant tell if these people are so mentally ill and detached from reality they think their favorite characters are real and suffering from being depicted in such a way.

the phrase “CP of a (fictional) character” is a logical dichotomy.

Breed herrr😭💢
Loli Rouge commissioned by Anon🦇
Thank you for your patience

Two moms have both found true love in the form of young boys. May they live happily ever after ^^

I have 2 new favorite shotas. But I won't tell y'all who they are until later. :blobshh:

Imagine getting caught by the person who hired you, the other person, and other people, could never be Kaoru and Jax

Don't get me wrong, I love hentai just as much as the next perv. But I feel like there's a lack of appreciation for artists such as myself who draw characters in a wacky cartoony style.

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There should be an image board entirely similar to Danbooru, Gelbooru and ATF where it's all entirely dedicated to western cartoon porn.

I guess you could say its a Western take on the thousand year old loli demon cliche…

Why yes I did steal this meme.

Don't be afraid to give me an overly specific critique. :blobartist:

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