@CubedCoconut can you do an alternate version of sasha without the bikini top and bottom please?

@CubedCoconut would love to see you draw Luz and amity 👀👀👀🖤

@CubedCoconut I used to quietly follow you on tumblr before that site took a dump on all the porn artist. your pearl art never disapoints and the fact you got a sig from Deedee is still amazing to me. gonna follw you here now. keep doing what you do best! ;D

@pickupandgo Thanks so much for being a longtime fan! It was sad what happened to tumblr, I had always liked it there. But thankfully things are going good here and on twitter. Hope you enjoy the new art! :blobowo:

@CubedCoconut it was indeed sad but the death of one thing, another will be born again. tumblr was the hub for steven universe fan art at the time. and i will! thank you and have a nice one!

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