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Thank you, @satori, for all the effort you put into this site, and i hope you have a great

Hey everyone, I got to be part of a My Little Pony art pack this year, called FUNSIZE 2".
It's all about Small Penis Humiliation (and Adoration), but most of the content is very humorous in nature, enjoyable by all.

The price starts at 1$ and follows the "pay your size" model, so get to measuring, boys, and no cheating!

The pack features 25 artists and over 70 pictures. I am also in there, of course! (However, no foals were allowed, so I drew Pinkie Pie and Rarity.)

She's ready for Winter!
Isn't she cold? What are you talking about! She's wearing her Ushanka!

Collab with @PermPony

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