Oh boy. I just created a new version of hell today that even I'm afraid of despite being totally in it due to my personal beliefs.

Out of Context 

After all I'm Diablo the Cheater, the one and only God in this world. You mear mortals should fear my powers. For my cheats are beyond your comprehension!

(Part 7 End For Now)
(Come back next time to read more of Diablo The Cheater.)

Out of Context 

I can create floating islands.

I can take a freezing potion, and then shoot it at myself.

I can turn you into a dragon, and I can use you to kill my friends.

I can step on, and murder the fingers off, and then shoot your finger off.

I can spawn farts that bounce off of walls and people so everyone can smell those glorious and plentiful farts.

I can do anything as reality is mine to control.

(Part 6)

Out of Context 

My character will steal things from other players' worlds.

My avatar will teleport into other worlds and kill people.

I can split my body into multiple copies, and I can kick these copies into the air so that my feet stay behind.

I can summon a troll to rape my avatar's girlfriend, because I know that's exactly what she wants.

I can float.

I can cut people in half with my sword.

I can kill my own team by making my followers disappear.

I can walk through walls.
Part 5

Out of Context 

The rest of the time, I use cheats to do things to my avatar that they shouldn't be able to do.

I can force my bow and arrow to just not break.

I can attach myself to a dragon, and I can still kill the dragon while my entire body is hovering in the air.
(Part 4)

Out of context 

What I do is turn the switch on the controller I use into a button on the console, and then I press it to trigger cheats that give me a better experience. Here's what those cheats do.

If the game has any life-sucking bugs, or if you're trying to grind out some experience, I'll activate a cheat that makes my character go to the local rest home. That way, I can gain experience quickly. Is that easy.

(Part 3/2)

Out of context 

My mod turned the game into an interdimensional sex simulator (powered by a fucking necromancer), and I use that game on a daily basis. To date, I've cheated in thirty games. Twenty-one of them were developed by other users, and the other two were made by me. And today, this motherfucker is named after me. I use a relatively simple cheat to game console games.

(Part 2/2)

Out Of Context 

In the videogame Skyrim, I create mods that spawn cheese, kill Fondle, and slaughter zombies with a potato. I also replace the statue of a woman holding a statue of a sword with a weeping man holding a statue of a sword that isn't an actual sword. And then I buy the woman a copy of Limbo. I'm a god. I call myself Diablo the Cheater. As far as I know, I'm the only person who writes a list of cheating cheats and uses it in-game.

(Part 1/2)

Man I really need to readjust to my sleeping schedule

Man today I just don't feel like myself. Maybe today is just one of those days where I'm not really interested in the usual gay hentai I usually like.

Tried straight hentai too but also not feeling it either. I guess today I'm just not in the typical horny mood. Maybe something took my desires away. I'm not sure.

Is the most wonderful time of the year. Which means is time for me to share my favorite Christmas Music. No better time than now.





AI Generates 

Jump Off observations.

Attacked by this Uk or whoever so much that She deserved worse should gonna hang herself.

sent me accountmd5 with retina attachments almost long file

Shattered heart gone. What to yell to

Mydisabled older PFD pronounced suspect An Brighton Touch That Cost Everything to the Buried purchased BBIT?!

Perhaps You should Tweet. Viav GBTI-39

Is the worst thing thinking That I may have seemed a bi girl 9 years before is downright awful.

(Part 7 end)

AI Generates 

She said that 2013 they have no defined sexual process that begins according with another male after November 16. Hehhh!!! But I can hardly out the most loneliness into a person that has not. We all know if I told her that I was having a married s wanted to out them, She would tear me apart let alone invest energy that enables atexting suicide.

I'm not kicking you if you do tell this adult sweet on you girlfriend for having great photography skills and quote, video. Photo byhrr-hot

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