[Mention of Rape] 

How many times does he have to spell it out to you?
Just fucking do it.

nsfw gore non-con 

sorry for the lack of posting! i have been drawing for other fandoms, but now i just felt like drawing this~ it looks kind of wonky, its been a while since i last did some cookies.

anyways, i hope i draw more soon!


I just not interested in the fluffy shit of Madeleine x Espresso. I honestly hate it so much ahaha, but seeing these two having some kind of toxic relationship is just...

Fuck, I just want to see more of it!
But sadly everyone has Espresso as some weak little UwU boy who can't express his feelings to his widdle Maddiewaddie.


I just want him to noncon the fucking idiot for having any feelings towards him~

Creepy Espresso is best Espresso and that's final! :hok:

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underage incest noncon loli futa 

Previously posted on CuriousCat and moved to here! Also figuring out the warning system still...
That said, this was my first (and still only) futa content.

Dub-Con, Loli 

Apple is v good. One day I will draw more of her.. Perhaps more of Pudding too. They're both good.


Forgot to toss this picture of Alchemist on here too, whoopsie

Always in embarrassing poses for her stupid brother. ๐Ÿ’•(ยดฮต๏ฝ€ )

I'm one of those fuckers who make posts for characters they like on their birthdays,,, so happy birthday Nagito Komaeda.. uwu;;

Non-Con, Non-Human Genitalia, Shota 

Someone remind me to work faster cuz I took way too long with these. Hope it was worth it tho? uwu;;

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