[ Noncon / Loli / Slight Blood ] 

@Chiptunecryptid who is the purple one

{ loli | age gap } 

@seo I wanna see her take that giant cock in

{ loli | age gap } 

@seo who is that? Not princess cookie but the other

grooming molestation 

@million Whatever you want

grooming molestation 

@million is it ok if you do mango x Ananas next? Sorry if I keep pestering you I love your stories


Shouldn’t have said those things to Dark Choco Cookie in the Cookies of Darkness story
TW: Sex Slavery, Abuse, BDSM

shota, non-con, gangbang, bullying 

@million wouldn’t mind seeing some art of this

my cookie run ships 

@million is it ok if you do mango x ananas x pitaya as well and maybe some walfort

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