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I'm supposed to end this chapter in 8 pages but my dumb ass??

placement for sketch pages are always difficult for me, not sure i'll ever get it "right"
But I enjoy them when their all done so :akkoshrug:

I wanna do art trades but also I need money :screaming_cat:

Trying to draw in a different drawing app,this one ibispaint

It’s pretty cool since it records the drawing process, but probably won’t use,,,,,,

Am I rushing to finishes pages of my comic days before i'm supposed to post it........

Yes :anidab_right:

Ueno San
I wanted to doodle more but the others came out looking like shit so..... :akkoshrug:
Really like this show lol

Got some adopts for sale on IB

$20 each, additional $25 for wing it colored sketch


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