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happy 2022!! a bit late but I hope your 2022 is going great! I'm late coz I found out this was the year of the tiger a few days ago, so I had to draw cutie @anklebone instead of the pic I was working on, and well here it is! hope you like it~ :blobcatmelt:

Year of the Tiger 🐯 !!
A bit late but atleast it’s still January :akkoshrug:

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My part of an art trade with @Butterchalk from last month, they asked me to draw Amalia who belongs to @Clara 🌸 🌸 🌸

Gonna be honest I might draw her and him when he’s in his werewolf form *horny grip*

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Mine and punishedkipa‘s characters!
The first one is my characters current design. The second if the color I had when I first designed her and the two looked like twins X3

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