Anyone familiar with this anime, called, Zettai Muteki Raijin-oh Jin?

I just so happen to stumble across it and in episode 12 there’s this funny bath scene.

sxs: brothers who are always sneaking off somewhere to get a quick incestious fuck in but are terrible at keeping quiet, being discrete, and lying. everyone at school knows; you can hear them in the bathroom and in the showers moaning eachothers names. their parents know; its the only sound going through the house at night. and all their friends know because its just way too obvious with the way the hold and touch eachother. two kids fucking behind a tree in the park loud as fuck.

shota, incest, bestiality, fantasy 

Man notices his son popping a boner as they go from exhibit to exhibit at the zoo, so he starts talking about all the different ways in which he and his son could fuck the animals till he's got the boy begging for a bathroom break so he can relieve himself.

Shota bestiality fantasy 

Cuntboy shota meeting a stray dog and takes him back home only to let the dog mount him and pump him full of cum

What my brain looks like: these two doing the big sexo (they love each other very much) :blobcoffee:

Error fix, so repost

got reminded of South Park so drew some Cartman and Butters

doodled smolthot and a pal’s oc going full requiem for a dream :3c

shota noncon 

just having some fun over here

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