A while ago i started a project draw dc characters ( around the supersons) as for now i made Jon Kent,Damian Wayne and Connor Hawke ( Aldo lor zod but i Lost the file 😕) This project is really helping me practice my skills só If you have any suggestion for me to draw next dele free tô comment

Happy Caturday!
... What? What did you all think I was drawing?

Sketch I'll probably never finish so I decided to just post it lol

Reward: OC

Sale of PACKS:
FLURLY: flurly.com/s/TDMStudio
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BOOTH: the-dark-mangaka.booth.pm/

Support me in:
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and receive the image in full size the first week of JANUARY 2022 when all the promises proceed.

Brian: “H-Hng! Y-You two are… T-the Dev, oh God!”
Doug: “Hey! Leave some for me. Right Stu?”
Stewie: “Mhmmm”

By my g @NumberFour :nuttedon:

Did a redraw of ケノール 's Luca pic from Pixiv. Wanted to try a diff art style with defined feeties. Enjoy

Original: pixiv.net/en/artworks/95151079

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