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うわっ…私のCommission、安すぎ…? なんか描きますお金くだされ // Hiya, Cinnamon6 opening commissions again! Spoil me I give you my little pieces
For more questions DM me on Twitter, or check this :
Thanks <3

Hi there!
I want to make better my art everyday but still not good.
If You have any idea/suggest/etc, Tell me Please? Thank you


support me:

Commission is open!

What I will draw: characters from anime/manga/video games/cartoons your original characters

Send me DM and tell me imformation about what you want.
I try best everytime, onegaishimasu.


かきます:アニメとかゲームとかアニメのキャラ オリジナルキャラクター
かけないです:メカとかロボとかグロとかゴアとか筋肉ムキムキとか セックス絵とか

詳細は画像で // DMくらさい


Support me ->



Support me ->

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