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うわっ…私のCommission、安すぎ…? なんか描きますお金くだされ // Hiya, Cinnamon6 opening commissions again! Spoil me I give you my little pieces
For more questions DM me on Twitter, or check this :
Thanks <3

神田川JET GIRLSの満腹黒丸さんです すごいお名前
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Commission納品しました!Commission for @Celestahonk of his adorable OC Yukionna girl.
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Please RTs | CMS open! I must get some money for buy draw tools.

What I will draw:
characters from anime/manga/video games/cartoons your original characters

What I can’t draw:
mechas/robots gore masculine guy hardcore porn (nuidity is okay, errr I want ) and some kind stuff I wont to draw

Message me so we can get to an agreegement.

so send me DM or Mail me :cinnamon(at) and tell me imformation about what you want.

I try best everytime, onegaishimasu.

Support me:

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Sacrier Cinnamon6

I'm waiting They will open DOFUS service for Japan again ;_;

so by the way Tell me your opinion,
What do you think I should do?

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いただきっ! セーエキってアニメ?の女の子
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Pixiv fanboxのリクエストで描きました 皆さんもどうですか

来年ももっと描いちゃお サンキュー!

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