chaotic duo 🔒
A dangerous combination indeed
(Mostly just playing with a new Brush set)
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A new exclusive poll has appeared!
~image will be early access~

If any of these characters peek your interest and you’d like to throw your vote into a pile feel free to support me on the lowest available tier via:

Angelica on vacation 2 🔐
~Supporter(s) request~
Part 1:
More thicc Angelica. More potentially on the way
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Rosa’s abilities 🔒
She could 100% canonically do this if she wanted
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For those who don’t know, I have my own server! Currently building a section for fellow artists but the main parts are done and I’m updating it as I go. Feel free to join if you’d like

Courtney The imp
The Show was dull as fuck to me and this imp was really the only thing worth my time. she had my curiosity when I saw the trailer but the first episode made it clear this show is not for me.

The pilot was less dull honestly but it was on cartoon Hangover so… eh 🤷🏾‍♂️

Almost all her Porto designs are usable. Would be an absolute damn shame to let them go to waste 🤔
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The bruised blunana 🔐
I heavily recommend she loosen that grip or the bluenana won’t be the only thing bruised
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Sex lessons 🔒
Both images are now finished and up on the support sites and guilded. Support to see them early:

Bratty Brianna (comic…ish)
Want me to keep going?
Want better quality than a quick thing?
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Young justice| Child of chaos part 1
—-early access release—-
She’s taken an interest in humans…can’t tell if it’s a good or bad thing yet
Part 2 still in the works

One is live! Join my Subscribestar, fanbox & or support
through my guilded server to gain access. Second one with
Kimberly on the way. probably tomorrow

Duncanville + more coming 🔜
(Craig of the creek,the loud house & adventure time comin too)
These will be early access pieces available via:
And my guilded server.

Commissioned by my homie the catgirl god himself Rock Candy (RockinRaz)
Mixed showers are not her friend

Dylan Beekler 🔐
~~early access release~~
Another one someone was too impatient for.
It would also appear Dylan is too impatient but she has cause.
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