Remember that "It's Pony" news I posted a few days ago? Well, I just lewded them. (Annie & Pony btw)

Art is by @Chromosomefarm as a sketch commission.

svtfoe doodle femdom starco assplay fingering fondling 

@Chromosomefarm , thanks for contributing to the project... again!


Fiesta de la Noche and chill?

#svtfoe #Star_Butterfly #Marco_Diaz #starco #四十八手 #εΎ‘ζ‰€θ»Š

keep forgetting to post on here LOL

Here's a ko-fi doodle that someone paid extra to wrap up LOL. Probably shouldn't take on too much complex work but this one was pretty easy LOL

Going through some financial stuff so I've been doing some quick little doodles like this for people via Ko-fi for 2 coffees ($6) . Thanks for all your support <3

SVTFOE Doodle Star, nude, back, stockings, wings, hair, redraw

SVTFOE doodlage, possession, Stomco, "star"co, implied cunnilingus, alien vag

mildly risque star vs comicry, implied male use of anal beads 

SVTFOE doodles Tomco Underwear fondling 

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